Finding a Job in the USA: Know the differences to be successful in the American job market!

Finding a job in the United States is not as hard as some may think…ONCE YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT!

The first step is to prepare your resume that is readily available once you find a job you would like to apply for.

If you think you can just use the resume from your home country with extravagant formatting and your picture attached – You are wrong!

The differences in finding work in the USA

American employers are very particular about how the resume needs to look like. There are a lot of cultural differences and plenty of Do’s and Don’ts that you need to consider.

We had to learn this the hard way! We realized that we are not getting invited for an interview because we attached our picture on resumes- OUCH!

The next hurdle a lot of Expats and immigrants are unaware of are the best sources to find a job to apply for.

There are major job boards that applicants can use to find their dream job and business platforms such as LinkedIn are getting more common.

Also – word of mouth and networking is a great and popular way to find a job here.

If you would like to know more about how to find a job in the US, read more here.

Know your rights when looking for a job in the US

Unfortunately, things are only getting started once you land an interview.

The US is big about EEO Laws (Equal Employment Opportunity). Therefore, it is important that you are aware of any illegal interview practices as explained in this article American Job Interview Process.

The interview process here can get really extensive – from basic questions all the way to situational and behavioral questions.

That’s why it is important to be prepared!

Another huge trend that I had to get used to is the phone- interview process and how to handle all of this successfully.

Once you land a job it is important that you understand that most employments here are not protected by a contract (which is very common in country’s like Germany).

In the US, most jobs based on Employment at Will (read more in this article Your first day at work in the USA).

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