Social Media such as Facebook is a new and effective way to socialize and find new friends!

There are THOUSANDS of local groups represented on Facebook that you can join to meet with!

Once you joined a group, you will be able to ask group members questions and get more guidance on fun things to do in your area.

You can also get recommendations on any activities you may be interested in!

The secret is to find the right group in the right area!

We experienced that this can be a more difficult task on Facebook because you cannot use filters as easily as on MeetUp or EuroCircle.

Some Facebook Groups have names that are not clear in their purpose.

Here is an example: Some national groups affiliate themselves with a military base (because some immigrants are military spouses that come from other countries) instead of the actual city.

That’s why they name their group “Germans in Fort Hood” instead of “Germans in Killeen”.

This may be the reason why they don’t show up in a simple search (please note that this is a hypothetical example).

The best way to search for groups is to start for a simple search on Facebook by typing things like:

Germans in Colorado, Indians in New York, Asians in California – the possibilities are endless!

Once you joined the group, you can ask for recommendations for more groups in your local area!

Here are a few examples of international Facebook Groups to join:

The Italian-American Page

The Norway/ America Association

The Hungarian American Club

If you already have connected with Facebook Groups and would like to share your experience and how this helped you connect with people, please share your story with us using the Contact Form .

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