How to make friends and network in the United States!

One of the biggest challenges after moving to another country is to find friends and a social network.

Otherwise, you may find yourself lost in isolation.

You may feel like you are fine in the beginning, but we learned how important it is to find friends.

Going out to socialize with people is important to have a fulfilling life outside of work/home.

There are several groups that you can connect with, based on your goals and interests.

EuroCircle is a wonderful, non-profit organization that usually has monthly events.

People at EuroCircle socialize in most major cities across the United States and even overseas.

MeetUps are another great way to find friends or socialize. This site offers different events/gatherings based on the interests you have.

Local Facebook Groups are a great resource to find out more information on regular gatherings and things to do in your local area.

If you would like to read more on each of these great Networks, please click on the links below!


Facebook Groups