Hello Integr8’er!

Moved to the USA and want to share your experience? Maybe share your struggles? Or provide tips?

We aren’t just a site that publishes blog posts about life in the USA. We are a community!

Each one of us has a journey and a story. WE WANT TO HEAR IT!

Help us help others, so they know they are not alone in the process of starting a life in the USA!

Ready to Share your Story? Here are the Instructions:

In order to share your story, you are required to answer the questions below and email us a picture that gets published with your story (it doesn’t have to show your face if you don’t want to).

We and the rest would love to see your beautiful smile!

However, you are not required to show it if you are uncomfortable. We do not censor or blur out your face on pictures so make sure you adjust it before sending it to us.

If you are uncomfortable showing your face, below are examples of what you can use instead.

Examples of pictures without fully showing your face: A picture from the side of the face, from the back, wearing a hat looking down, or wearing sunglasses.

Examples of pictures without showing your face at all: A picture of your hands holding a book, or holding your partner’s hand (or family member), a picture of you sitting but just your legs showing, etc.

Be creative and your audience will love it!

What’s not allowed: Any pictures that are revealing too much skin, anything that may be perceived as offending or sexual, wearing clothes with political statements, any other people in the picture that are identifiable and did not agree to be published.

OK, now that we have established the rules for pictures, please fill out the following questionnaire for your story:

Please note: By submitting this form you agree that your story and photo gets published on this website and on Social Media. We do not publish your name and it is completely up to you to identify yourself in the posts/comment section to increase your following. Integr8 USA has the right to adjust, delete or change part of the text you entered to make it suitable for publication. We also have the right to omit or correct certain words or sentences (in case of grammar errors, etc.).
By submitting this form you agree to these terms.

***Important Note*** Once you submit your story, please check your Email Spam Folder frequently. We usually respond within 48 hours!

The best option is to save our email address in your email contacts to make sure our communication doesn’t land in your Spam Folder!

Our email address is info@integr8usa.com

Please answer all questions. We will only consider stories that are complete.

Once we receive your story, we will send you an email and ask to respond with a photo that you would like to share for your story!

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Your Integr8 USA Team!