MeetUp is a great networking site that is free to use. You can register online and find groups with similar interests.

They have a very wide range of options to search for in your local community.
Here are some examples:

Cultural Groups are specific to a country (German groups, Russian groups, Indian groups, etc.).

This is a wonderful way to connect with people that come from the same country as you OR if you are interested in the culture & speaking their language.


Austin French Circle (Austin, TX)

Practicing Your English in NYC (New York, NY)

Hobby Groups: Cooking, Hiking, Bike riding, Arts & Crafts, International gatherings – you name it!


Meal Sharing San Diego (San Diego, CA)

Fit Hike and Run DC/MD/VA (Washington, DC)

Don’t forget to type in your location to find the right groups in your local area. If you live in a smaller town and don’t get a lot of results, try to search for groups in the next big city near you!

Meet Up has hundreds and thousands of groups that you can connect with and that share the same interests as you!

We personally love this website because they have a lot of great options/diversity. It will give you a great opportunity to make new friends in the United States!

You have already connected with MeetUp groups and would like to share your experience and how this helped you connect with people? Please share your story by using the Contact Form.

We would love to publish some success stories on our site and monthly Integr8 Updates !

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