EuroCircle is a worldwide non-profit organization that is passionate about bringing people together so they can find a “home away from home”.

They have a huge network, especially in the United States which makes it easier for you to find friends fast!

A lot of major cities in the US have a EuroCircle Group that organizes regular events and gatherings that are free to attend!

We found that this is a wonderful opportunity to get plenty of helpful information from local people.

The majority of them are also Immigrants and share a lot of similar experiences and challenges!

After not having any friends and social contacts for almost 2 years, this was the group that really helped one of our team members get out of social isolation and explore more in her free time.

EuroCircle was founded by a European lady but welcomes people from all over the world. And the best part- whenever you move, EuroCircle moves with you!

EuroCircle moves with You

They are represented in A LOT of cities across the globe (especially the US). We know a lot of people that joined another EuroCircle group every time they moved.

All you need to is to register to receive your local EuroCircle updates on

Our next tip is to find your local EuroCircle group on Facebook.

All you need to search for is EuroCircle followed by the closest big city you live by. For example:

EuroCircle New York

EuroCircle Austin

EuroCircle San Diego

you name it…

You have already connected with EuroCircle and would like to share your experience? Please share your story with us using the Contact Form .

We would love to publish your success story on our site and monthly Integr8 Updates !

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