The US Visa Process and things important to know!

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The Visa process in the United States is probably one of the toughest subjects to write about.

There are a LOT of different Visa’s people can apply for- based on different reasons and requirements.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you visit the website of the Department of Homeland Security/ USCIS to check what Visa you are eligible for, what the application process will cost you and if you meet all eligibility requirements.

Let’s touch on some of the most common Visa types people apply for in the United States:

1. H-1B Visa

This is a job-related Visa that is tied to the work you would like to pursue in the United States.

For this type of Visa, you usually need to meet a certain level of expertise in a special profession, work in the Research field (details can be found on the USCIS website) and have a minimum education level (usually a Bachelor’s Degree and higher).

2. Student Visa

This is a non-immigrant Visa that allows students to attend college/universities in the United States. This Visa is for educational purposes and usually limits the time a student can stay in the United States.

3. J-1 Visa

The J1 Visa is another non-immigrant visa that allows people to visit the United States for cultural exchange purposes or work-and-study purposes.

One of the most common reasons for a J1 Visa is cultural exchange programs such an Aupair (exchange nanny).

Aupairs live with an American family to care for their children and experience the American Culture).

Additionally, the J1 Visa limits the time you can spend in the US.

4. Green Card Visa’s (Permanent Residency)

The Green Card Visa is an actual immigration visa that can grant permanent residency if you meet all eligibility requirements. Some reasons to apply for a Green Card Visa may include:

  • Spouses of US Citizens.
  • Eligible family members of a US Citizen.
  • Refugees.
  • Asylees.
  • Widowers.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • And more.

5. K-1 Visa

Anyone familiar with the TV show “90 Day Fiancé”? If your answer is YES – you may know how the K1 Visa works!

If you are engaged with a US Citizen (in other words: you are the fiancé of a US Citizen)- you may qualify for the K1 Visa.

Once your K1 Visa is approved, you may be allowed to travel to the United States and marry your American fiancé within 90 days. If you don’t, you may use your eligibility for this type of Visa (check USCIS for more info).

These common Visa types are just a general listing and can change any time.

Please check on any updates on government websites such as USCIS to make sure this information is still accurate and the types of Visas are still available.

We know how difficult and long this process can be (sometimes even nerve- wracking).

There are many great stories and bad stories out there of how the Visa process worked for different people.

Our advice: Follow the rules defined by the USCIS, be prepared and keep cool! 

Make sure you understand the costs and the money you need to save for each Visa type, your legal obligations and how long the process may take. 

A lot of times, the Visa process can take months, sometimes even years – so be prepared that getting a US Visa is not a quick deal!

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Last but not least- Please avoid these common mistakes:

  • Do not completely rely on the results of your Google Search. Try to find the information on the USCIS website first.
  • Absolutely do not rely on any information you see on Social Media or Comments posted: Every individual case is different and a lot of these comments are either based on a personal case or individual perception/opinions. It doesn’t necessarily apply to you so you need to be sure to follow information from credible sources (such as the USCIS website)
  • If you are unsure or cannot find the information you need on credible sites, reach out to an Immigration Lawyer.

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