What you should know about Food Culture in America and what Americans like to Eat

We don’t know about you but: Food is a pretty big deal to a lot of people, Expats, Students, Spouses or any other Immigrant that moved to another country.

Many people wonder what Americans eat, what their typical diet looks like and how it may be different from the country they come from.

So let’s keep it real with you: We are not only going to give you the positives, but also the negatives when it comes to what Americans eat. Or what their typical diet looks like.

We want to give you the full picture. And you may already know what we are talking about (smile).

If you don’t, let’s explain it to you.

If you happen to be from Europe, then you won’t find any HUGE surprises on what Americans eat. The food they eat is very similar and equally diverse.

Keep in mind the USA is a country built by immigrants. These immigrants came from all over the world, especially Europe.

As a result, you will find foods like Potatoes, Pasta, Rice, all kinds of vegetables and fruits, bread, nuts, and grains.

A lot of foods and restaurants in the USA are owned or inspired by Italians, Asians, Mexicans, South Americans and people from the Middle East, etc.

What Americans Eat

Now when it comes to actual traditional AMERICAN Food, read below what we experienced.


  1. Burgers (Americans are probably the best in making great Burgers).
  2. Steaks.
  3. Mac and Cheese (yup, most of our immigrants ask for a taste of Mac when they first get here).
  4. Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie & Sweet Potatoe Pie (really everything Sweet Potatoe related).
  5. Hot Dogs.
  6. Deep Dish Pizza.
  7. Barbeque Food (find out more on this here).
  8. Grits (some mushy stuff that you can eat either sweet or savory).
  9. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich.
  10. Donuts.

Super tasty stuff for sure, but not necessarily healthy.

One of the first things we noticed when we moved to the USA is that there is a Fast Food Restaurant almost on every corner.

And that America has a lot of obese people. Which may be the result of the Fast Food Culture in this country.

Remember we mentioned in the beginning that this article may get a little controversial?

Well, here we are.

If you are an American, please don’t get mad at us.

This is just what we noticed when we first got here.

Good News About American Food Culture

America is SOOO diverse, and there are so many culinary adventures you can have in this beautiful country!

There are thousands (maybe millions?) of restaurants out here in the USA which serve super fresh & from scratch dishes from all over the world.

Food in America

Part of America’s Food Culture is to go out to eat.

Bars and Restaurants in the USA are usually filled with people, especially on the weekends!

And when in doubt: Go to an American, Asian, African or Middle Eastern Grocery Store (yes, they have them all) and whip up your favorite dish at home!

The diversity in the United States makes it easy to find and eat whatever your heart desires.

Isn’t this what Food Satisfaction is all about?

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