Successfully find a place to live in the US!

Finding housing and a place to live is always a difficult task no matter where you live or where you plan on going.

Some countries are more strict than others, and some have more or less requirements to successfully sign a lease and live in a home of your choice.

The United States definitely has stricter rules and more difficult processes – as well as more requirements to be picked as a tenant (or homeowner).

We will touch on the subject of buying a home versus renting the home.

However, most immigrants start off renting a home when they get to the US so we will put a little more focus on the process of renting and what’s important to know as a tenant (or to become one).

There are many important subjects to talk about to make the housing experience in the US successful.

We are excited to share all that information with you and adding new articles regarding Housing going forward!

One of the most basic things you need to understand before you look for housing is the Importance of Credit (for more information, click here).

If you do not understand what a Credit Score is and the reasons why a credit score can either Make the Deal or Break the Deal of renting and buying a house in the United States- then we HIGHLY recommend you read this article: The Importance of Credit.

Happy readings and we are excited to share more information about Housing in the US with you soon!

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