“I didn’t really want to move to the US at first. I lived in Spain working for a global company. My boss offered me a job in NYC. The offer was too good to decline.

But the expat life was a scary subject to me. I told my boss I need a few weeks to think about it.

Then I was hit by really bad anxiety. My boss looked at me every day when I walked into the office.

He was waiting for a final response. And I started to avoid him as much as I can. I liked the idea of living in another country for a while and see more of the world. But I just wasn’t ready yet.

After a week of waiting, he finally came to me and said: Look, I know you aren’t really excited about this opportunity. I don’t want to push you into something you don’t want to do. So I am sending Mark instead.”

I thought I would feel relieved. But for some reason, I was very disappointed. Not disappointed of my boss. But of myself.”

When my boss told me he picked someone else for the job in the USA, I was devastated. I know I always wanted to do something like this but I didn’t have the courage to go for it.

I felt like a complete failure. I had some months to think about what happened. And why I was so afraid. And what I want to do better next time if I ever get this opportunity again.

I joined some groups on social media to learn more about the life of an expat. Like, how to learn about different cultures and customs. Or what to do if you feel homesick.

Some months passed by and my team had a meeting with our boss. This time he didn’t ask me. He asked the entire team if somebody wanted to go to New York for a project.

I jumped up and said: “ME!!!”. I said it a little louder than I wanted to. It was a little embarrassing. But I didn’t care. Look at me now. The rest is history. “