I came here from Finland because of a job. She moved too because of me. She wanted to support my career. We had a wonderful home in Finland. Our families would meet every Sunday for dinner. I love the family life but she loves it a little more.

When I received a job offer to work in Orlando she started crying. First I thought it was happy tears. But it wasn’t. I didn’t understand why she was fine with staying in our village forever. It is so much more exciting to move to different places. And see the world.

I asked her: How do you know where you really want to be if you never lived somewhere else? But all these logical arguments did not help. She did not want to listen. You know – women.

She moved with me from Finland to support me. I asked her to give America a chance. I had to convince her to give it a try.

I know it is very different from where we came from. But who cares? Life is boring without change.

My wife didn’t feel this way. She relies a lot on our support system. She is a real family person. All she talked about was Finland. I realized we have completely different perspectives on things. You know, life stuff.

Maybe we are too different. Sometimes we are so different that I wonder if we should be together. But then I remember that she left everything behind just to be with me. Everything she loves. Just for me.

So the moment she gets too unhappy, we will pack our stuff and go back home. Because what she has done for me, I should do for her. Even if it means that I will lose my career.