I moved to the United States as a Military Spouse. I left everything behind to be with him. My family, my friends, my job. My everything. But after a year here our marriage was falling apart. I had no friends and no support system. We tried marriage counseling. But it just didn’t help.

It was already too late for us. The trust was gone. The relationship was broken. So my heart told me “Just go back to Germany”. But my head told me: “I like it here. Maybe I will give it a shot. Let’s see how it goes.”

I struggled so much with everything. Finding a place to live without credit. Buying a car. Finding a job. And being alone. I almost gave up until I received a message from my husband’s sister. She said: “You should just go home. It’s too hard figuring it all out by yourself. You won’t be able to make it.”

This message was all I needed. It pushed me to prove myself. I had to prove that I can make it here. With – or without him.

Deutsche in den USA

I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t have any savings and relied on my husband completely when we moved here. I know I was naive.

When we split, my family had to send me money so I can get a car. Then I finally found a job. I was overqualified. But I didn’t have a choice. It was about survival.

I moved up the corporate ladder fast and had a nice apartment in a beautiful city. Things started to change for me. For the better. I achieved incredible things in the past years. But I was very lonely.

I was so lonely I almost quit and went back home. But then I had my ex’s sisters text message in my head telling me: “You won’t be able to make it.” And that’s all I needed to get my motivation back. Then I started to get out of my comfort zone. Going to MeetUps by myself. Starting to make friends. And meeting the love of my life.
I made it. I’m happy now. Sometimes I just want to sit back with a glass of wine and laugh. Laugh about everyone who belittled me. Everyone who didn’t believe in me. Because – Boy, were they wrong!