“I came here from El Salvador 2 years ago. I started an Aupair program where I can live with an American family in exchange for taking care of their children.

I had a lot of experience from watching my brothers and sisters. I also watched my cousins when their parents were at work.

Living with the American Family was nice at first. They were welcoming and open.

They also asked me a lot of questions about El Salvador and our culture. But as soon as the parents showed me everything, they were gone.

Like not completely gone but never there.

As soon as they got off work they went to the gym. Or met with friends. I felt like they don’t want to be around their own kids.

I slowly started to understand the reason why the parents in my host family didn’t want to be around. The boy was 3 years old and never stopped screaming.

He wouldn’t listen. And then he would get very angry. Every time there was a rule or a “No” he would go crazy.

His entire face and neck would turn red. It was not the normal type of behavior. It was very intense. I think something was wrong with him.

I didn’t have the education to deal with the issue. The parents didn’t care as long as they didn’t have to deal with it.

They told me it is my job to handle him. That’s why they brought me over here.

I didn’t think that was fair. So I left the family.

But I didn’t want to give up on living here. I applied for an International Student status.

My family supported me with all their saved money. I am their hope and pride. And I try my best not to disappoint them.”